5 Reasons to Sell Tickets Online

Let me take a guess at why you’re reading this… You’re planning an event or run an attraction and are thinking about moving into selling tickets and taking bookings online, however you have some concerns.

If that is that case then don’t worry, take a deep breath and let’s take a brief look at online ticket sales.

1. It’s a Growing Market

Over the past few years the amount of people buying online or booking things over the internet has dramatically increased. It’s estimated that for every £10 spent £1 is spent online and this is a trend that will only continue to climb as more high street shops go out of business. Cinema’s are popular when it comes to ticket buyers as they also offer a discount for doing so.

2. It’s Secure

Buying online is easier and more secure now than it’s ever been. Your customers details are safe and your money is safe. People can even book and buy via their smartphones now which is another increasing trend and the ability to do this is super simple giving you even more selling power.

3. It’s Accessible

Having the facility for your customers to buy tickets online over having just a phone number for them to call means that you can sell round the clock. If you go home at 5pm and your potential customers are just going online to buy from you they’re going to have a problem when your phone isn’t answered. Give them an online booking option though and you can come in the following day to lots of bookings that would normally have been missed sales.

4. It’s Controllable

You can control your attendance, ticket quantity available and see at anytime who has booked and if you are running various time allocated events then when they have booked for.

5. It’s Expandable

You don’t just sell tickets, you can up sell other items like lunches or programmes and you can communicate at any time with customers who have chosen to accept marketing from you.

There are many more reasons to start moving toward a future proof and accessible way to sell to your customers but I think the above points are the major plus points that will hopefully allay any doubts you have.

If you do have any questions then please feel free to get in touch with us on 0161 956 2300 or via our contact page and we can arrange for you to have a remote demonstration of WebTicketManager and how it can help you to increase your footfall.