£500 to change a simple spelling mistake? Do What!!!

What would you do if a customer arrived who had booked a ticket online to attend your attraction or event and they had made a spelling mistake in their name?

Would you…

  1. Let them in
  2. Send them packing
  3. Attempt to charge £500 to rectify the mistake

Well today I read a news article about how Emirates airlines wanted to charge £500 to a customer who had made a simple spelling mistake when booking their tickets.

You can read the full article here but in short a certain Mr. Reynolds had booked some tickets to fly from the UK to Hong Kong but he spelled his wife’s name Margaret without the first ‘r’ so it read Magaret.

When he contacted the airline to try and amend this it ended up in a cat and mouse whirlpool of bureaucracy and red tape which ended with the correction being made by the airline free of charge – but why should Emirates think it’s okay to charge £500 to correct such a simple mistake?

Now obviously WebTicketManager doesn’t sell airline tickets, although you can book tickets online for pleasure flights which is nice, but you can be sure that customers buying tickets to your attractions won’t have the Emirates rigmarole should they make a simple mistake like Mr. Reynolds did.

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