Black Friday is a Bright Day for Online Shoppers

Today is well known as Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States which traditionally celebrates the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Across the UK, various Christmas lights are being switched on, Christmas markets starting to open and stores window displays oozing with Christmas spirit. Some of us love to hit the high street and hunt down those Christmas bargains, others prefer to snuggle on the sofa and try some online shopping.

In fact, figures show that online shopping has hit a new high with British shoppers spending a total of £7.9 billion online in December 2011.

Here at WebTicketManager, we have a diverse range of clients using our system, each offering different tickets and experiences for customers. WebTicketManager provides them with the ability to constantly sell tickets, with no labour costs, and the customer is satisfied as they are given the gift of being able to shop whenever they like or have chance.

Some of our clients who are maximising their sales opportunities and satisfying more customers by offering tickets and vouchers for sale online, include:

Llangollen Railway

Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre 

Can Cook Studio

Tree Top Trek