Buying tickets from a tout or scalper? You’re throwing away your rights!

crackerbread tickets tout counterfeit scalperOkay, you’re made up. You’ve just got some tickets to go and see your favourite band and you can’t wait. You got them cheap from a tout. A friend of yours has also got tickets. He got them from eBay.

Everything is rosy. The excitement is building. The day of the concert is getting closer. You’ve gone a bit nuts and decided to dress like the lead singer. Your friend is also dressing like the lead singer.

You both look borderline mental but you don’t care. You’re going to see the most anticipated gig of your life…. then the unthinkable happens.

You get word that the concert has been rescheduled. For the purposes of this article the reason for rescheduling isn’t important but it’s causing you a massive problem now because of where you have both bought your tickets.


Man in the Pub

You got them cheap from some bloke in the pub and as such cannot get a refund. Even if you had paid full whack, or paid even more, the cad will be well gone.

Same goes for your mate. There’s no law against the touting of tickets in this way. Tickets can be traded privately like this without recrimination.

Outside venues a tout legally needs a street trading license but most of the time they take their chances as they are a face in the crowd and have nothing to draw attention to themselves. It’s not like Albert Square.

It’s interesting to note that the law has been amended to prevent the touting of tickets outside football venues for designated matches and further revised to prevent touts selling merchandise but including a free ticket.


No Comeback

However you happen to purchase a touted ticket the fact remains that you have no comeback. If a show is cancelled or postponed you will be up slack alley. You will also be goosed if the venue requires proof of purchase like Prince did recently.

Make sure you know where your tickets come from when you purchase and even better just buy straight from the box office selling them. Yes you may miss the boat and may not have any choice but to buy from a third party. If this is the case then just make sure you know your rights.

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