Coming Soon – Mobile Validation on your Mobile

There’s only one time we stand still, and that’s to look around us and assess the technological landscape. We take it in and then start moving forward.

At it’s heart WebTicketManager is bubbling with ideas and development is constantly on the go with one notable development made a few years ago – Mobile Validation.

This is where ticket sellers can scan in each visitors ticket via the barcode printed on it and it will check in and validate the ticket. Currently this is done using our special Pocket PC scanners with our bespoke software installed.

However since this software was written smartphones have come a long way and are more widely used leading us to develop our validation software for the most common smart phone technology including Android, Windows Phone and iOS platforms.

This means that our validation tools will be available to anyone who has a WebTicketManager account and the new app will allow you to do more than just validate tickets. You will be able to purchase tickets and search for bookings using it as well.

Coming Soon for 2014

The app is in it’s final stages of development and testing and it will be available soon to all WebTicketManager users.

If you would like to know more about mobile ticket validation then get in touch with WebTicketManager either via our contact page or by calling 0161 956 2300.