Create ‘Sell-Out’ Events with Web Ticket Manager

Here at WebTicketManager we supply a solution for all different types of companies looking to sell tickets online. We recently spoke to one of our event providers who have been using our system for two years now, SK Events.

SK Events are a Liverpool-based events company who organise national events. They organise the annual Liverpool Food and Drink Festival through WTM as it helps to manage the ticket sales in advance of the event. This feature is essential for SK Events as online ticket sales reached almost 5000 tickets alone last year, a record year for them! The system also allows them to promote other events they organise and cross sell whilst they have the customer’s attention.

WebTicketManager has enabled SK Events to offer a simple way to buy tickets for customers, meaning they are more likely to sell them in greater quantities, such as individual, group and family ticket functionality. It also allows them to easily track how many tickets are selling for their events via our comprehensive financial reporting and analysis features as well as retaining data of the purchase for any marketing in the future.

SK Events told us ‘The overwhelming benefit for us is that because ticket sales are automated, we don’t have to dedicate our time to managing them and we can get on with the more important business of organising a world-class food festival year in year out. WebTicketManager has helped improve the event sales, importantly, because we don’t need to take on additional employees to manage ticket sales, so our event budget stretches further’.

SK Events told us ‘because the process of buying tickets can be completed online within a matter of seconds, it helps us to attract new customers and convert interest into ticket sales. It also helps us build a database of potential customers for our other events and next year’s festival.’

If you would like to know how WTM can help you and manage your events/ ticket sales for your forthcoming events contact us on 0161 956 2300 and a representative will come and have an informal chat to go through your requirements in further details.

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Liverpool Food and Drink FestivalLiverpool Food and Drink FestivalLiverpool Food and Drink Festival