Do you need to sell non time and date specific offers?

It never ceases to fascinate me the ideas and concepts that customers of WebTicketManager come up with and the things they would like to be able to do using our system.

One such example recently was our customer Body Confidential who needed to be able to sell their heavily discounted offers without any calendars popping up as there were no dates and times involved is these transactions.

We worked with BodyConfidential on this special requirement and have now enabled this facility across the WebTicketManager system so that you can sell non date specific gifts which can be used by either yourself or you could give it to someone as a gift.

Check out their Teeth Whitening offer to see all this in action via their website.

There are many applications for WebTicketManager, it’s not just a gateway to sell tickets online for your event or attraction and the range of uses can be quite specific sometimes, but we pride ourselves on being able to work with you and being able to deliver on your requirements.

If you would like to know more about how WebTicketManager can help you sell tickets online or even sell any offers you have then give us a call on 0161 956 2300, send us a message via our contact page or have a go of our no obligation free trial.