Don’t be scared to sell tickets online

Halloween is almost here again and the streets will be awash with hyper children drunk on sweets with unpronounceable names like Maoam and Haribo, lawns will be ploughed and flower beds trampled.

That flour on your car and egg on your front window is all in the spirit of good fun though don’t forget, but if you’re ever thinking of planning a Halloween event and you’re letting people know about it on Facebook and via email remember that most ticket purchases will be made online.

If you don’t have that facility and are telling people to call you then you need to answer your phone every time and stay awake around the clock. Impossible!!! WebTicketManager can do this though.

“How do I do that then?” you may ask. Well I can understand you being washed over with fear at the though of having to process payments, take card numbers and allocate tickets whilst keeping a track on numbers.

Well with WebTicketManager we put the “Tick” into buying tickets and keep an eye on your ticket stock and give you access at all times to your sales data. This includes names, emails and phone numbers of those buying tickets to your fabulous do.

Another added bonus is we pay your money directly to your bank account. No messing around with PayPal and that ilk.

There are many attractions selling tickets with WebTicketManager already and every year some of them have seasonal events which they sell tickets for using our easy to manage system. Equally there are those just selling once a year for those seasonal events and they come back to us every year.

If you’re interested in how WebTicketManager can help you drive your online ticket sales then get in touch today on 0161 956 2300 or via our contact page.

Now – where’s the Starmix?