Don’t just sell – UP SELL!!!

Imagine buying your lunch at a restaurant and having to go back after each course and buy the next one. How inconvenient – you wouldn’t bother and quite rightly you would be panned by Good Restaurant magazine and Gordon Ramsey would come and swear at you.

Now in the world of selling tickets online it’s not quite the same because you just buy the ticket and jobs a good ‘un.

Imagine though being able to sell something else when someone buys a ticket…. So for example your customers come to your site to buy a ticket for the next gig at your venue and at the same time they have the option to buy a program as well. Or maybe you give them the option to buy lunch at the event.

How fabulous does that sound? Not only are you selling tickets but you also have the opportunity to up sell other services or items.

This is a feature that not many online ticket systems offer and it’s because we’re always listening to what our customers would like to see. We love feedback and it’s only with that feedback that we can develop and bring you a market leading online ticket system.

If you would like to know more about how WebTicketManager can help you not just generate ticket sales but also up sell other items of your specification then call us today on 0161 956 2300 or get in touch via our contact page and someone will call you.