Even Santa loves to sell tickets online for Christmas

Well at time of writing this I think I can safely say that summer is pretty much over and that winter is well on the way.

It’ll be here before we know it and we’ll be snowed in under an apocalyptic light dusting of frost as Christmas pops its expensive head above the parapet and sticks us up for our credit cards and PINs.

It’s the same time every year and we know it’s coming but it just sort of creeps up on you doesn’t it?

I’m writing here as a bemused parent. Someone who, as a child, used to love Christmas until I grew up and started having to put my hand into my pocket for my own kids who have now taken over my enthusiasm and sapped it from my very being leaving just me and the pre-haunted Ebeneezer.

Joking aside I’m not that bad – I do enjoy the family time you get and spending it together and seeing the kids enjoying themselves. But there’s no denying that if you’re not careful and don’t get prepared then Christmas will jump on you with no mercy and will wrap you up with tinsel and rubbish tree lights that only blink because there’s a loose bulb ready to blow.

It’s even easier to take your eye off the ball if you run a business – and if you’re a family attraction, or you host events, and want to take advantage of the season of goodwill then you need to prepare as soon as you can.

One good way to get ready is to start selling tickets around September, especially online tickets, so that you can capture early birds and perhaps offer them a discount. This has many benefits with accessibility being one of them, but perhaps more importantly you’re getting an idea of bums on seats.

WebTicketManager has been used over the past few years to sell places on Christmas Expresses (trains), Christmas and Mulled Wine Parties and Santa Visits with existing attractions.

Santa loves WebTicketManager which is why he’s always laughing and giving it the “Ho Ho Ho”s – he knows a good thing when he uses it and he knows that now is the time of year to start getting the message out and allowing people to book for his special events.

If you want to follow in Santa’s sleigh tracks and use WebTicketManager to sell tickets online then get in touch today on 0161 956 2300 or via our contact page and we will see what we can do to help you.