Got a Smartphone? What about SmartWebsites?

Smartphones are great aren’t they! They can make phone calls, take pictures, access the internet, send emails and texts, manage your contacts and social engagements and perform other endless (and some pointless) tasks.

It’s really smart. So when you hit a website that you have to start pinching and scrolling to zoom around the page to read the content it doesn’t feel smart anymore.

In fact it’s not the devices fault, it’s the website developers fault.

In this day and age websites are expected to work everywhere. We’re beyond NetScape and WorldWideWeb (Nexus)…. although I bet there are some computer users still using this technology… and I bet they don’t have many friends.

Websites don’t just happen. They have to be designed, developed, programmed and tested and that’s all done by real human beings using real skills.

WebTicketManager is such a site. It hasn’t just been thrown together by some kids using Notepad. It’s constantly being refined with new features and optimised when technology allows to deliver a smooth and user friendly ticket buying experience.

Our online ticketing system has been designed to allow it to respond to a variety of devices and to display its content according to the size of your device – in short it’s responsive.

This makes the whole process of buying tickets for your clients a lot easier and prevents the stress of zooming in and around the content and potentially missing something or choosing the wrong options.

More and more people are browsing using mobile devices these days and we can see from the WebTicketManager statistics that more and more visitors are coming to us via these devices so it makes sense that they are able to use WebTicketManager easily without squinting or using a magnifying glass or microscope.

If you would like to know more about how WebTicketManager can be more responsive to your customers then why not get in touch on 0161 956 2300 or email us via our contact page.