HELP!!! HELP!!! I CAN’T DO SOMETHING!!!!! Help Videos to the Rescue

We all know what it’s like from time to time. We’re doing something and we’re just not quite sure how to go about it.

Sometimes we wonder if we’re doing it the right way or even the most efficient way. If only there was someone who could show us because you hate reading instructions right?

I know I do. I can’t stand it. I have a very short attention span when it comes to reading and having someone show me is the best way for me to learn. Once I’ve seen how something is done I never need to be shown again.

Well with this in mind you might like to know that we have a range of How To videos online covering topics like setting up an event to managing users and checking sales.

We’ve covered the most asked about topics and the videos can be accessed easily from the drop down menu on the main dashboard when you log into WebTicketManager’s backroom.

You can also find help by searching on YouTube or popping over to our YouTube channel where the video’s can also be found.

Ticketing software can be tricky to use at the best of times as there are a myriad of functions and features at your disposal and WebTicketManager is no different. It’s a very powerful tool and our videos have certainly helped many of our users when they’re stuck, can’t remember how to do something or just plain don’t know as they want to do something new.

So next time you’re using WebTicketManager and you’re trying to rack your brains to figure something out remember to check our How To videos as the answer may just be there for you.

If you’re looking for ticketing software to help manage and sell tickets online then why not get in touch with WebTicketManager today on 0161 956 2300 or via our contact page.