I’m Prince and your ticket doesn’t match your credit card – “Geeet Off”

I was having a chat to a friend last night whom I’d bumped into in the local ASDA. He is into music and we got chatting about Prince.

Not Charles or Harry but the artist formerly known as being formally known as Prince. You know, the little fella who secretly thinks he’s Little Richard…. Well he got the little bit right.

That comes across like I don’t care for Prince much but I do personally like him and his music, I just saw an opportunity for cheap humour and for blog padding.

However, we were talking about how Prince has just (at time of writing) staged a secret gig in Camden and has a series of upcoming small gigs which he is only charging $10 to see.

Now in order to stop the ticket touts buying all the tickets up and then selling them on for the price of a small house he’s done something quite clever.

He’s refusing entry to anyone possessing a ticket that doesn’t have proof of purchase – namely the last 4 digits of the debit or credit card that has purchased said ticket.

I personally think this is a great move and really puts the blocks on the touts from plying their dirty trade. Yes you will get a few people who would purchase a ticket from a tout in this situation and would be stuffed when they get to the entrance of the gig as they wouldn’t be aware of this rule – but if anything it should deter the touts because why would they take a chance at losing all that money?

Of course with WebTicketManager you can exert this level of control too if you wanted which is one of the good things about it.

After all the chit chat about tickets and ticket sales I totally forgot what I’d gone into ASDA for, so I just bought some gin.

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