Make sure your customers don’t miss out this Christmas

Let’s face it, at time of writing this, Christmas is well and truly here. The music is playing, it’s cold enough to freeze the scarf off a snowman and my pockets are empty – but then there’s nothing new on the last one!

If you’re organising anything Christmassy however you may have found if you want to sell tickets online for your event or attraction that it’s bordering on complicated with certain online ticketing systems.

You may have a maximum capacity or seating plans plus you clearly don’t want to overbook otherwise people are going to be disappointed when they turn up. Additionally you need to make sure that if people are booking tickets online at the same time that they don’t end up with each others seats or indeed are allowed to complete their purchase when at that very moment someone else beat them to the last tickets.

WebTicketManager can deal with all of the above and more. We have designed the system to keep an eye on the booking process whilst keeping another eye on availability. Just because something is available at the start of your buying process doesn’t mean it’s not sold out whilst you’re typing in your details.

Llangollen Railway use WebTicketManager all year round but especially at this time of year it gets really busy with people booking for their Santa Specials and they have the peace of mind that they are not overbooking whilst at the same time knowing people buying tickets online are not going to be disappointed.

Have a look at their Santa Specials and if you’re interested in finding out more about WebTicketManager and our reliable and secure booking handling then go to our contact page or call us on 0161 956 2300