Near Field Communication (NFC) Would you use it to buy tickets?

You may have heard in the news recently of a new technology that is being trialed and in some countries actually being used. It’s called NFC or (Near Field Communication)

The reason I bring this topic up is that it is reported in Japan the technology is being used to allow you to buy tickets online and then check in at the venue using your mobile smart phone.

Personally I think this is a great idea and certainly one that I think will catch on but what do you think? Will it really make an impact or will it be another DAB Radio (trust me on that one) or Digital Audio Tape in the landscape of technological progress?

I suppose only time will tell but look at the pros here. You’re on your phone, you book tickets to a gig there and then and instead of having to print a ticket out or even wait to get it in the post you will just have to turn up at the venue and blip in using your phone again.

It reduces waste, waiting times and fraud because the tickets are linked to a buyer so the touts can’t sell them on. That said with every new leap in technology there is always some little scrott waiting to exploit any holes.

The only downside I can see is that if you’re someone who likes to keep the tickets to an event as a souvenir then you won’t have that luxury but I suppose that could always be an option at point of purchase. Another downside is your phone decides to go flat or conk out just before entry.

Near Field Communication (NFC) has all sorts of possibilities for use and we at WebTicketManager may look into this in the future, but for now we’ll let Japan do the soak test.