Never miss an Opportunity, Never miss a Sale

If I asked you how would you go about selling tickets online what would you say? On your website probably.

Well this is always a good place to do it but think on, do you have a Facebook page? If you have then this is an ideal place to do it.

I’m not just talking about making posts on the page and sharing information with other users and friends – I’m talking about the icons at the top of the page under the cover image.

As you can see in the above image a button to the booking page for Tree Top Adventure with the caption BOOK HERE! underneath.

Clicking on this takes you directly to the WebTicketManager booking page for Tree Top Adventure. This is a powerful feature which gives the visitor to the Facebook page an immediate buying opportunity.

It’s surprisingly simple to put this in place too using the Static iFrame Tab which you can find by clicking here. As long as you are an administrator of the page you wish to add it to then you will be able to set it up and set the ‘Redirect’ option.

Never miss an opportunity to make life easier for your customers and never miss a sale – that’s what I say. This is all part of the innovative service we offer at WebTicketManager.

We’re not just about giving you a platform to sell tickets. We like to think of ourselves as a family and such as like to help you whenever we can.

If you would like to know more about how WebTicketManager can open up more paths for you to sell tickets online then get in touch either via our contact page or by calling 0161 956 2300.