Online Payments are secure and simple through Web Ticket Manager

Our Online Payments System is easy to use and perfectly simple for your organistaion to handle payments online. Here are 4 reasons as to why WebTicketManager is the online ticketing system you can trust and rely on.

  1. You don’t need an Internet Merchant Account from your bank. Subject to acceptance our payment aggregator status allows us to take payments on your behalf. No Complex Setup and all payments are processed to your organisation account  through WebTicketManger with ease.
  2. Secure payment processing (SSL) via our payment gateway. Our payment gateway site sits between your booking site and the acquiring bank and encrypts the credit and debit card data ensuring that the information cannot be read by anyone else – providing you with fast, affordable and reliable payments.
  3. Simple –for the customer, and for you. We transfer funds over to you via BACs with fully supported ticket sales information in the form of an invoice and remittance advice. The customer is not charged additional fees.
  4. Got a Paypoint Internet Merchant Account? If so we are able to link your Internet Merchant Account with your own WTM account