Online ticket sales are on the up – are you in?

online ticket sales sell tickets onlineOver the past few years you’ve no doubt become aware of the power the internet gives you with purchasing these days.

You can buy your weekly shop online and get the wrong things delivered to your home without even getting up.

You can play bingo online, you can buy all sorts of things from the biggest online car boot sale that is ebay and you can avoid standing in the rain to buy tickets to attractions and events.

I was around when the internet first became a commercial engine in the 90’s. I was keen to get hooked up and see what it was all about. I had a Compuserve email address –

Walking on the Moon

It was great -the world was changing, my mum couldn’t make phone calls anymore as my 9600 baud modem screeched at her when she picked up the receiver, I stared in wonder at animated gifs of gnomes picking their noses and I couldn’t get my emails.

But things have come on leaps and bounds, and here we are today. It’s a far cry from 1994 when AOL’s software was available everywhere you looked and it was ready to install itself to every corner of your PC making removal impossible.

These days you can just hook up to your wireless modem and away you go. It’s fast, easy and you can get anything you want without leaving your house. Think where we’re going to be in another fifteen years. We’ll be wearing spandex jackets, flying our hover cars and living on the moon.

Every little thing is Magic

In 1994 you couldn’t buy much online, especially buy tickets – and it wasn’t very secure either. But now it’s totally secure and if you need to sell tickets online then look no further than WebTicketManager.

Our system has been built by people with not only experience in the ticket selling arena but also developers that have been programming since they were born.

Since launching we’ve seen nearly 400,000 tickets sold through our system and are on track to increase that with our clever network of affiliates and box offices – and you can be a part of it be it as a box office / affiliate seller or an actual attraction or event organiser looking for an online ticket sales outlet.

I was having a look at figures from earlier and concert ticket sales alone in 2011 topped £23 billion pounds. I don’t know about you but that’s a cake I’d like a slice of, even if it does taste like used cash.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to know more about selling tickets online for your event or attraction or about being a box office. Call us on 0161 956 2300 or via our contact page.