Paralympic Games shows Success through Speed and Support

This week it seemed London came back to life as the Paralympic Games hit our screens with a spectacular opening ceremony filled with scenes such as the apple falling in Isaac Newton’s Lincolnshire garden and Stephen Hawking’s celebration of the Higgs particle. London 2012 is set to be the ‘most-watched’ Paralympic games in history and its easy to see why.

With a total of 4,300 athletes, 2,700 team officials and 1,200 games officials contributing to 20 sports played over 584 sessions in 19 venues over 11 days, this is the largest Paralympic Games. London has been forward thinking in its reaction to disabilities and the world will learn from these games. People are going to embrace Paralympic sport for what it is; hardcore performance, not just the stories.

One particular sport that will be a thrilling sight for all to see is the athletics 100m, with it having one of the greatest line-ups ever seen, including the world-record breaking Oscar Pistorius. Nicknamed the Blade Runner, Pistorius won the 100m, 200m and 400m at Beijing in 2008. Now he is ready to race again and win more.

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