Sell tickets and make money – and you don’t even need your own website

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One of the aspects of WebTicketManager that we’re proud of is its ability to act as a Box Office for you and you don’t even need to be an attraction or event.

Simply put if you think you can drive people to buy tickets online then you could have a WebTicketManager box office system and you can select the events and attractions you would like to act as an affiliate for.

The best bit about this is you don’t need to have your own website. You could do it using our standard box office or if you do have a site already you can embed your chosen attractions on it easily.

Oh – I should add that every ticket you sell gets you a commission. So think about this for a second, you don’t need to operate a website so there’s no cost there and you don’t need to pay to setup a WebTicketManager box office so no cost there too. This is a total layout of nothing – and now you’re ready to start earning.

This is a no brainer I’m sure you’ll agree and if it’s good enough for the biggest paper on Merseyside, the Liverpool Echo, then I’m sure it’s good enough for all.

Trinity Mirror owned Liverpool Echo have recently come on board with WebTicketManager to sell tickets to local attractions and events of their choosing. They embed the feed onto their website and for every sale they generate they earn money.

It’s a wonderful opportunity and if you are interested in operating a Box Office then get in touch with us either via our contact page or by calling 0161 956 2300.

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