Selling tickets online couldn’t be easier

It’s all too common a situation. You’ve got a great family attraction or event that you’re running, you’ve advertised it and you’ve also let people know about your website where they can find out more. You’ve spent time and money and your best efforts are about to hit a critical problem…. they can only buy tickets on the day and only from the gate.

There are a number of arguments why this is a bad position to be in from the point of view of being an attraction / event organiser ranging from bad weather to having no idea if anyone will actually turn up.

Now just imagine what it would be like if you could sell tickets online via your own box office. Regardless of the weather on the day people will have already bought their tickets, you will have an idea of footfall and you will have give yourself the opportunity to corner all opportunities for customers to buy from you.

You probably think that having your own self managed yet professionally supported box office with full payment security is going to be expensive. What if I told you that it doesn’t cost you anything? You’re probably wondering what the catch is aren’t you?

There is no catch. All it will cost you is 10% of your ticket sales. If you sell nothing it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Ahhh but wait, there is also another opportunity to earn money rather than from just selling your tickets. What if we told you that you can earn 10% of the sales of other attractions tickets?

Yes it’s true. WebTicketManager is the first and, at time of writing, only online ticketing system that allows you to promote other attractions via your box office that you feel may be of interest to those who have just visited your box office and if your customers subsequently buy tickets from an attraction or event you have promoted then you earn 10% of that sale.

Why not get in touch with your questions and see what WebTicketManager can do to help drive more revenue your way whilst giving customers easy access to purchasing tickets.

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