Some online ticketing software can leave you spinning around

If you currently have an online ticketing system does it sometimes leave your head spinning? It might be the way it functions or the way it has payment thresholds before you see any money.

There could be any number of reasons why you’re all at sea but I’d like to bet that WebTicketManager could well be the answer to your dizziness.

Just recently Manchester based Pole Plate Studios have just come on board with us as their ticketing system of choice. Before using WebTicketManager they were having to take bookings over the phone whilst at the same time trying to provide their service.

I think it’s fair to say there was a lot of juggling going on and bookings could only be taken during business hours which meant they were losing business out of hours.

But things have now changed and with a little bit of help from us we were able to provide them with a graphical button as a call to action for their website which invites visitors to book tickets online.

No sooner had this function been added the first booking happened that Sunday at 10:30 in the evening – a new member for Pole Plate Studios.

Now the only thing spinning for them is their customers round a pole.