Strictly Come Ticket Selling

It appears that with the return of X-Factor we also see the return of Strictly Come Dancing where a bunch of dancers try and train a bunch of hopelessly hopeful celebrities to dance gracefully.

I say “appears” because personally I don’t watch it, but my wife does and she loves it. She feels the need to remind me each year when it returns that I can’t dance like they can.

She also likes to bring up that I kept standing on her toes during our first wedding darnce. Apparently this strips me of my right to voice an opinion – despite me paying for the TV and the license. I know my place.

However I realised recently that WebTicketManager is a little like Strictly Come Dancing. We are graceful, slick and polished. Unlike other ticketing software though we won’t DANCE around if there’s a problem – we will get on to it and sort it.

Twirling onto the floor currently is our voucher system which enables you to sell vouchers to a certain value which customers can give to others as gifts.

Dragging their partner by the hair are our tutorial videos which are rammed full of useful tips and instructions on how to perform the most common WebTicketManager tasks like creating new events, setting up users and getting sales reports and marketing information.

And getting the lowest score for their efforts and being voted off this week is me for my desperate attempt to wind something topical into talking about WebTicketManager.

If you would like to know more about how WebTicketManager can pirouette your online ticket sales then get in touch on 0161 956 2300 or via our contact page.