The only SCARY thing about WebTicketManager is Shiverpool

Shiverpool is Liverpool’s original and most famous theatrically led ghost and history tour, exploring the city’s most famous locations and revealing their hidden histories and mysteries. Shiverpool introduce their creepy historical findings in a series of stunning theatrical performances.

Shiverpool not only operate walking tours all year round, but they also provide specialist events during the Halloween period. This time of year is Shiverpool’s peak season and so with the increase in bookings, they required extra operational assistance.  This gap was filled by the implementation of WebTicketManager.  Now their bookings are organised and managed efficiently through our secure and fast booking system.

Lucy Carew, Assistant Artistic Director at Shiverpool told us that “Since joining WebTicketManager our tours have been very busy and they are often fully booked. Now that we have online bookings, our customers can buy tickets at any time of day and providing the online system linked from our website instils confidence in the customer. Our staff have benefited ten-fold as they are spending less time taking telephone bookings and now have more capacity to focus on other areas of the business. “

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