Upselling, Interacting, Reporting, Box Officing – It can only be…

It’s the New Year and that can only mean one thing… the obligatory New Year blog entry.

Happy New Year to you and everyone here at WebTicketManager hopes you had a great time.

I don’t want to go on about New Year Resolutions as they’re a little bit of a typical talking point and I did mention them in my last entry.

What I would like to do is bring your attention to some of the things that WebTicketManager can do for you if you’re looking for a way of stocking an online shop full of tickets which you can sell online.

If you have just come across WebTicketManager and you’re not aware of what we are, we are an online ticket system which gives you comprehensive tools and reporting to allow you to not just sell but even interact with your customers.

With WebTicketManager you will know who is coming and if you ask for the information you will know their names, ages and anything else you might like to ask for. This can aid a Christmas event for example when you might want to know what sort of gifts that Santa should hand out to children based on age and gender.

Up Sell

You can even up sell if you wish so when a ticket is being purchased online you can put options in for programmes or merchandise to be bought too.

Earn Money

Another exciting feature is the ability to earn more money by selling tickets to other events or attractions on WebTicketManager that you choose to. At the point of ticket download upon a successful transaction users will be presented with some other points of interest which you choose to sell.

This is all controlled from the WebTicketManager backroom and can be changed at any time.

Box Offices

If you so wish you can even have your own box office free of charge which you populate with selected events and attractions from WebTicketManager. You can either embed this box office onto an existing site or it can standalone. Any sales generated through your box office or via an up sell have a percentage credited to you.

You’re in Control

We also provide facilities for you to use your own merchant banking so you get the money direct. For those without, your payments are processed within a few days and all major debit and credit cards can be used by your customers through our totally secure payment gateway.

If you’re interested in learning more about how WebTicketManager can help your business then why not get in touch with us on 0161 956 2300 or via our contact page. Additionally you can watch our videos on our new video page.