Watch out, the BOTS are coming… but not to WebTicketManager

I’ve just been reading an interesting article about the underhand tactics that are being employed in this modern world of online ticket buying and it’s startling – but not surprising.

You see have you ever tried to buy tickets for a concert the moment they become available and found that no matter how many times you try to refresh your browser there is nothing happening. Then the moment the browser does do something it’s just to tell you that there are no more tickets available or you get shoved into a virtual waiting room?

If you have then you’ll know the frustration that comes with this and it seems that more and more spotty Herbert’s are developing what are called BOTS which is short for Robots, naturally.

In simple terms these BOTS are just computer programs which check when tickets to a specific event become available online, and when they do they go through the buying process just like a human would except with lightning fast speed.

So once these tickets are bought up they are then sold on by touts via auction sites for a massive profit – and it’s totally legal albeit unethical.

The trouble with this for the sites hosting the tickets is whilst they might make their money at the time, faith will become shaken in these sites and one of two things will happen from what I can see – people will stop using them to get tickets from or there will be a massive regulatory shake up in ticket buying online.

It’s not just ticket sites having trouble with BOTS either. Online gaming communities are too where you get virtual wealth in return for doing work. The BOTS do the work and you live your life. Again this makes the games unplayable and unfair and people stop. Diablo III saw it’s entire virtual economy collapse because of BOTS and a Hamburger Dagger.

You won’t have this problem with WebTicketManager though. The BOTS are kept out so don’t worry as either a seller or consumer you’re safe.

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