Web Ticket Manager provides a seamless transition creating Trust

WebTicketManager provides a seamless transition between the attractions website and their online checkout. The user journey needs to be as easy as possible to retain the trust of your client. The way our clients’ websites look and feel, are all completely different due to the nature of their businesses, but we link the two environments, so when customers click through to the booking engine from the attractions website, the customer knows it is authentic and trusts what they see.

WebTicketManager has helped many of its clients to promote their brand and increase their online sales through this. With its ability to create a customisable sales engine, which can be ‘coloured in’ to match or compliment your existing branding, authenticity is safe through out the process.. This feature of customisable integration can be changed to reflect changes to your business as time goes on at no extra cost.

Please see the images below for how we can customise WebTicketManager for different clients.  If you are interested in increasing sales by providing online ticketing and would like further information about how WebTicketManager can help you,please contact us on 0161 956 2300 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, please click on our ‘Free Trial’  button and enter your details, so try us out.

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