WebTicketManager and Heartbleed Bug – What you need to know

Heartbleed BugOn April 7th 2014 everyone in the world was made aware of a new threat to our online security and privacy. The Heartbleed Bug.

Of course since the Millennium Bug proved to be a bit of a non event the general reaction now to the media announcing something that could cause such a problem on a massive scale is pretty lethargic to say the least.

Not that you can blame people. We’re being told about something we can’t see, hear or touch which affects something else that we can’t see, hear or touch. It’s understandable the news is met with “Meh!”

Without going into the details it is a pretty serious hole in online security and anyone running systems that can be affected by Heartbleed seriously need to get in the game.

What About Us?

So how does this affect you as a WebTicketManager client or even someone who has bought something via WebTicketManager in the past?

The good news is that you have nothing to worry about as our systems operate on Microsoft Windows servers and therefore do not use OpenSSL which is where the Heartbleed Bug lies.

Further Reading

If you would like to know more about the Heartbleed Bug then you can visit the website www.heartbleed.com which will tell you in depth about the problem and what you need to be aware of.

We take data protection very seriously and if you have any concerns then please feel free to contact us via our contact page.