WebTicketManager should be your New Year Resolution for 2014

Time to picture another scenario so sit back, relax, clear your mind and close your eyes….. actually, forget closing your eyes if you haven’t already as you won’t be able to read the rest of what I have to say.

Now, presuming you’re still reading this and haven’t dozed off I’d like you to picture your snazzy new online ticketing system.

It’s taken a month to set up. You’re happy with it. It looks great and will give your customers the ability to buy tickets for your attraction or event via your website.

Now think about how much it’s cost you so far…. What! You’ve paid for a ticket system and so far it hasn’t made you any money? What if you only sell a handful of tickets next month, and the next?

Before long it will have swallowed up money which could have better been spent elsewhere.

Now let’s imagine the same scenario but using WebTicketManager as your online ticketing system. The smart choice as it doesn’t cost you anything to setup and have.

You could go for as long as you want without selling tickets and it wouldn’t cost you a bean. That’s the beauty of WebTicketManager. There’s NO RISK to you.

Now obviously it wouldn’t be good to go for too long without selling tickets, I was using that as an extreme example, but it’s worth highlighting.

It’s also worth mentioning that when you use WebTicketManager you become part of a family and an affiliate network is at hand. You can cross sell and up sell other attractions of your choice which earns you a commission for every ticket sold – and with others doing this for you too you have the possibility of increased footfall and free advertising.

If you would like to know more about how WebTicketManager can work with you to drive custom and reduce your costs then either get in touch via our contact page or call on 0161 956 2300.