Where’s Wally? If he was coming to your event you would definately know!

Picture this, you’re running a special event and Santa is coming with gifts for all the girls and boys.

He arrives! There are cheers! Everyone is excited… until little Johnny who is 8 years old gets a doll as his present and Molly who is 3 ends up with remote controlled Army tank – without batteries I might add.

It’s not ideal and it’s not that Santa’s been on the pop and has just mixed up the gifts – it’s more that you didn’t have the information as to how many boys and how many girls were coming or indeed how old they are so you weren’t able to cater the presents properly.

Well this is no more with WebTicketManager because one of the powerful features that it offers you is the ability to know your customer before they even arrive. Imagine that.

You can set it up so you can get the ages and genders of all that are coming. If you have a seating plan then you will also know where they’re going to be sitting so you would know their names. It’s wonderful information and all inclusive with the WebTicketManager system.

Many events are using WebTicketManager are already using this facility and are reporting that they can be more interactive with their guests and deliver a more personable experience.

If you would like to see the smiles on children’s faces as dizzy old Santa gets it right and Molly doesn’t get that plastic farmyard set as a present then get in touch with us today either via our contact page or by calling 0161 956 2300.