Paperless tickets – is it the future or an inconvinience?

Sounds mad doesn’t it – paperless tickets! I mean that’s what a ticket it made of generally, paper or card. So how on earth can you have a paperless tickets.

Well it’s not a bonkers as it sounds, this being the 21st Century of course. For example tickets for a gig are purchased online and you are sent an email which contains a bar code. It’s this bar code which is used to get you entry to said gig.

The bar code is matched against your method of payment which is usually a credit or debit card and if it all matches up then you can get in…. if not you’re dumped in a skip outside the venue by a massive crane grab machine.

Now it’s clear that I just made the bit about the crane grab but the rest of it is how it works. We have covered this topic before when Prince held a concert and used this method for the fans.

The reasoning behind this system is to curb the scourge of the Ticket Tout – those naughty people who buy up piles of tickets then push up the price when they sell them on.

Another famous musician Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam, has just pulled one of his gigs in New York because he supports paperless tickets and local law in the Big Apple state that all tickets sold must be in paper format. He argues that this helps the touts saying to fans:

“I have been a longtime supporter of paperless tickets to my shows worldwide and avoiding scalpers [touts]. Unfortunately NY has a state law that requires all tickets sold for shows in NYC to be paper, enabling them to be bought and sold at inflated prices.”

Some people don’t support paperless ticketing however. Well there’s always two sides to every argument and pro physical ticket supporters raise concerns like what happens if the credit card holder, having bought tickets for a bunch of friends too, can’t make the gig? What if a parent wants to buy tickets for a child? What about people who don’t have credit cards?

This is one of the topics that will have its backers and its fair share of people denouncing it. Personally with WebTicketManager you can have the best of both worlds. If you want paperless ticketing then you can do. People can print their tickets out at home or you could arrange to have tickets mailed out.

If you want to know more about how WebTicketManager could help your attraction or event to simply and beautify the ticket buying process for your customers then why not give us a call today on 0161 956 2300 or get in touch via our contact page.

In the meantime here’s one of Cat Steven’s great songs, Wild World. Enjoy.